Exclusive Pink Berry Launch Event

Exclusive Pink Berry Launch Event

To present the new Pink Berry Collection, we hosted an intimate cooking class at Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio where our guests whipped up their favorite recipes using our Pink Berry Collection of cookware and kitchenware.

 Chef Nathalie

For guests, we invited more than 30 most influential personalities, Cosmic Cookware fans, and media friends.

 Michie Lam

 Narisa Soraya

 Charis Ow

 Azah Hassan

 Zi Yi

Allyna Wong 

The day started with everyone writing a short note about their Holiday wishes, before hanging them up like decorations on a Christmas tree — along with other ornaments that were beautifully arranged to serve as a festive photo op.

 Athisha Khan


 Holiday Wish

We then proceeded to the main highlight of this event: recreating “Crêpe Suzette” and “Blinis” with Chef Nathalie. With a mix of seasoned home cooks and first-timers, it was definitely a fun and exciting cooking experience for everyone.

 Crêpe Suzette made by Allyna's Sister, Allyna, Narisa's Cousin, Narisa, and Yi Xuan

 Blinis made by Yi Xuan, Zi Yi's Mom, Zi Yi, Jing Wen's Sister, and Patricia

After a day of trying out our cookware with plenty of photo and video sessions — our guests concluded the evening with group photos and a sit-down lunch to enjoy their kitchen creations, as well as Chef Nathalie’s signature dishes.

If you would like to join our upcoming exclusive events, just join our Cosmic Cooking Club! Hope to you see at the next event.

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