All of our cookwares come with 2-year limited warranty against manufacturer's defect.

Warranty does not cover accessories and/or free gifts given away at any point of the transaction.

*A digital warranty certificate will be issued and delivered to your email 5 days after your order dispatches from our warehouse. The date of when you receive the digital certificate is indication of when the warranty for the pan is activated. 

This commercial guarantee does not cover damage arising from shocks, improper use, failure to follow the instructions for use and maintenance, or as a result of an unauthorised modification or repair.

It also does not include normal product wear and tear, nor the following cases:

- Overheating, prolonged exposure to the heat from a flame or when empty

- Drop causing cracks or dents in the pan and/or the glass lid

- Stains, discolouration or scratches on the inside or outside - any accident caused by washing with steel wool, cooking with metal/sharp utensils such as metal spatula or knife, dropping of pan or lid, etc,...

- Professional use or in the workplace - products knocked or dropped

- Damage from thermal shocks

- Exposure of direct heat to the coating (outside & inside) as direct heat should only be applied to the metal plate below the cookware

Details of the non-stick cookware guarantee :

- The non-stick coating is also guaranteed for 2 years against blistering and peeling.

- This guarantee does not cover sticking or damage caused by incorrect use (using incorrect kitchen utensils such as metal spoon or knife) nor in the cases as listed above.

We will replace defective products/parts depending on the defect. All defects will have to be clearly illustrated according to our requirements to ensure we are able to identify and replace them accordingly.

Warranty claim must include a clear picture or video to illustrate the defect. If no pictures or videos can be provided, COSMIC COOKWARE reserves the right to reject the warranty claim if we believe that the warranty claim is fraudulent or made in bad faith.

We may or may not request for customers to send the product back to our headquarters for inspection, the shipping and handling costs will be borne COSMIC COOKWARE.