Non Toxic Swiss Certified Care Free Cleaning

Swiss ILAG Certified Coating

Cosmic Cookware products are non-toxic, natural ceramic coating made of high quality Xerogel technology.

Xeradur 2 (XERADUR 2) is a Swiss ILAG certified two-coat system based on the Xerogel technology. Made for optimal non-stick performance and high colour stability when used. It also has an excellent level of  abrasion resistance. Developed for long lasting, everyday use.

Xeradur Swiss certified coatings promises:

✦ Excellent non-stick and abrasion properties
✦ Minimal staining
✦ Outstanding corrosion resistance
✦ Upgraded Two Coat System

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Our Pan VS Other Pans

Cosmo Pan
Other Pans
Swiss Made Chemical-Free Non-Stick Surface
Made for Easy Cleaning
Durable Stainless Steel Handle
Sturdy Base Suitable For All Stove Tops
Toxic Coating That Contain PTFE, PFOA
Stubborn Stains and Sticking Makes it Difficult To Clean
Ugly Plastic Handle
Flimsy Aluminium Base
Certified By