What is a Cosmo Casserole - and How Do You Use It?

What is a Cosmo Casserole - and How Do You Use It?

The Cosmo Casserole is a versatile kitchen tool that will not only make your meals healthier but has a variety of ways to elevate your cooking experience

The Cosmo Casserole is a versatile kitchen tool that will not only make your meals healthier but has a variety of ways to elevate your cooking experience. 

So, you’re considering getting the Cosmo Casserole. But what exactly is the Cosmo Casserole anyway? Do you bake with it or cook with it? If you’re as confused as everyone else or just need some quick insights, then you’re at the right place. We’re about to iron out all the details of the newly launched Cosmo Casserole.

What is a Cosmo Casserole? 

Cosmo Casserole - or also known as a Casserole Pot, is a thick-walled pot with a wide base surface that can be used to make many kinds of dishes while doubling as a serving dish. It's a heavy-duty pot with a lid made for browning meat and veggies, simmering on the stovetop or baking in the oven. The must-have non-stick ceramic pot for delicious healthy meals, made in a variety of ways. 


Now, what makes the Cosmo Casserole special? 

The Cosmo Casserole looks like an industrial stock pot but with a wider base and shorter walls; it's better suited for home cooks. It also comes with two short handles on either side for balanced and steady transferring. Designed for low and slow cooking, its two-coat system retains heat uniformly for long hours. Plus with its non-stick ceramic interior, it allows for easier cleaning and maintenance after every use.  

Also, like all our cookware the Cosmo Casserole is non-toxic (free from PTFE, lead, cadmium and other chemicals) and coated with our signature Swiss-certified ILAG ceramic coating for a healthier and chemical-free cooking experience. 

Have we piqued your interest? Great! Then let’s continue with the many ways you can use the Cosmo Casserole.

Soups, Stews, Simmers

The Cosmo Casserole, as you already know, is made with top-quality materials and processes. It’s designed to retain heat and is suitable for long hours. Hence, the perfect pot to make mushroom soup, chicken porridge, Korean Kimchi Jiggae and also a hearty beef stew. Thanks to its non-stick ceramic coating, it maintains temperature well and is completely toxic-free. Since it’s compatible with all stovetops, you can use it on the stovetop or bring it to your dining table for hotpot-style cooking!

Browning, Searing, Caramelising 

When you use less oil or butter, you’re also eating healthier. It’s common to use extra oil or butter when searing meats or caramelising onions for the perfect outcome. But, you can certainly reduce the amount of oil needed when you switch to the Cosmo Casserole. Thanks to its non-stick ceramic surface, ingredients won’t stick to the bottom and your food will brown beautifully and evenly on one side while staying moist on the other. In addition to that, this also means it’ll be easier to clean and maintain after use. 

Bakes, Cakes, Roasts 

It’s not just for boiling soups and browning meat; you can use it for baking too! Bake with the Cosmo Casserole, it’s oven-safe for up to 230° C and with its non-stick ceramic surface, you won’t have trouble getting your baked goods out of it. The perfect vessel for baking a loaf of sourdough bread; crisp crust and soft and fluffy guaranteed. Aside from that, you can enjoy a Sunday Roast with the Cosmo Casserole too; as it has room to fit a whole chicken or pot roast. 

The Cosmo Casserole is loved by home cooks of all sorts and it makes everything from stews to baked goods. It’s easy to clean, convenient to use, and durable to last you for years. In short, the Cosmo Casserole is made for home cooks who are looking to live healthier. If you’re browsing for a new pot that will improve both your health and kitchen efficiency, this is worth considering!


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