Lemon Meatball recipe using Cosmo Mini Pan!

Lemon Meatball recipe using Cosmo Mini Pan!

Make your very own Lemon Meatball dish at home with Cosmic Cookware!
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  1. Mix it up! Combine veal, egg, garlic, lemon zest, Parmigiano, parsley, bread chunks, and a pinch of salt and pepper in a bowl. Stir with gusto using a wooden spoon or your hands until it's a party in a bowl!

  2. Sizzle and taste! Heat olive oil in your Cosmo Mini Pan, fry a taste of the meatball mix until it's cooked through. Give it a flavor check and spice things up with salt and pepper to match your vibe.

  3. Hands-on fun! Shape the meat mix into cute golf ball-sized polpettine with your hands. Line 'em up on a pan with parchment paper, toss 'em in the fridge for an hour, and let the anticipation build as they get their act together.

  4. Pan party! In your Cosmo Mini Pan, oil takes the stage. Roll your meatballs in flour, toss 'em in, and let them dance to a golden brown rhythm. Turn occasionally for about 10-15 minutes until they're the shining stars.

  5. Zesty shower! When your meatballs are the talk of the town, pour on that lemon juice. Make sure each one gets a taste of that tangy goodness. Sprinkle some parsley on top, and it's showtime!

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