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"Yu," the word for fish, sounds similar to the words for “wish” and “abundance”. As a result, fish is used to represent New Year's wishes for abundance.

Fish is also used to represent wealth, abundance, luck, prosperity, and happiness.

Share and celebrate in abundance

“Poon choi” loosely translates to "treasure pot", "big bowl feast", or "basin cuisine". 

Although traditionally known as a Cantonese dish, “Poon choi” has transcended cultures and become a gastronomic landmark in Chinese New Year celebrations.

Enjoy layers of laughter and happiness

In Cantonese, the sound of “prawns” resemble laughter, which is associated with the idea of happiness and joy.

Additionally, during the celebration, prawns or fish are almost always served whole, with their heads and tails preserved, symbolising the completeness of life.

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